Color pencils pointing up from a cup they've been place in.

The best way to learn the principles of “Designing for All” is to dive in. So, in this workshop, you’ll be teamed up with others to tackle a design challenge to create an inclusive solution.

You’ll not only learn (and practice) proven methods for coming up with designs for diverse audiences, you’ll also see how these ideas can make a difference to the rest of humanity. Regularly $285, we’re temporarily discounting the fee thanks to the generosity of Surya Vanka. He joins us in recognizing that learning about social justice is so important during these special times.

While you practice adopting inclusive design approaches, you will also learn the Remote Design Swarms, a popular method used to accelerate design collaboration, even when team members are not in the same location or in the same time zone. The Design Swarms platform consists of prescriptive and detailed design process maps, shared digital whiteboards, games, and facilitation guides. Team members, regardless of their design skill or discipline, adopt a step-by-step design thinking approach to gain empathy for user needs, develop creative solutions, experiment collaboratively, and create products at high velocity. Here are some of the topics we’ll plan on covering:

  • Understanding obstacles and mindsets that lead to exclusion affecting very large portions of the population
  • Recognizing the business opportunity and making the case for adopting inclusive design into your practice and projects
  • Researching your audience and planning for inclusive design
  • Learning how serving the widest number of users enhances, not inhibits, creativity
  • Understanding the ten essential principles of inclusive design
  • Accelerating your career by adding the latest inclusive design techniques drawn from leading organizations to your toolbox

This class will be taught live via Zoom.