Blurred photograph of an arrangement of flowers.

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our third exhibition with photographer Deb Achak.

Personal Space is a joyful examination of the unexposed— a soft look under the surface at what might be blooming inside all of us. Bouquets of radiant, baroque flowers appear as though suspended in motion, pushing into the picture plane like a memory coming to you in the quiet moments of an afternoon. Achak’s compositions flirt between clear representation and otherworldly abstraction, evoking crystalline details of a dream that lose their shape once awakened. Composed and captured underwater, the photographs have an impressionistic blur that couples the quietude of a still life with the passion of an action shot. Achak exposes the complex beauty tucked underneath our conscious awareness. She invites us in to take a long, pensive look and get on with our day, feeling inexplicable awe for our own personal awakenings.

“Through dreams and meditations, we access this inner world, but water has the ability to connect us with our intuition as well. Bursts of insight come to us in the shower, or when we sit beside the ocean listening to the waves. Beauty blooms and flows within us. Personal Space explores the wonder and frailty of our inner life, the veil pulled back for all to see.”