Museum display of Da Vinci inventions replicas.

Created by Grande Experiences, Da Vinci —Inventions brings to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor, and philosopher.

The exhibition features carefully crafted interactive and life-size machine inventions of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, offering visitors a look inside the mind of the ultimate Renaissance man who laid the groundwork for some of the modern world’s most impactful inventions, such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute, and bicycle.

Suitable for all ages, this exhibition provides a fascinating insight into not only the mind of a genius, but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles that he discovered.

Generous support for Da Vinci – Inventions in Seattle provided by Laird Norton Wealth Management, the Estate of Harold and Mary Frances Hill, Mike Repass, and the MOHAI Exhibits Fund.