Yellow graphic with text reading Celebrate SLU.

This year’s virtual celebration is focused on honoring the organizations that have made a positive impact in the neighborhood and community despite the continuing challenges of COVID-19. WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED LIVE! 

We’re excited to celebrate everything these businesses and organizations have done to help support the South Lake Union neighborhood.

This year’s event continues our virtual format and will include opportunities for guests to meet the finalists, network, use a virtual photo booth, win prizes, watch all the awards LIVE, and get a virtual swag bag of goodies! Our selection committee continues to honor the incredible work of our nonprofit organizations and has two award categories dedicated to nonprofits both small and large. This year’s event will elevate and broadcast the incredible work being done by organizations in our community that impacts all of us!

The SLU Chamber, like so many of you, has taken a big financial hit since 2020. We offered free membership to businesses/organizations in the SLU neighborhood and we didn’t ask our supporting members for renewal. We wanted to help alleviate financial stress while still being a resource for the community. Now, we need your support more than ever so we can recover and work to shine a light on our community and the great organizations in it. This event is helping to raise funds to support our mission!

“Connecting people and organizations in SLU to foster strategic relationships and opportunities.”

Nominees are chosen based on demonstration of participation in, support of, or good works in/for the SLU community. This can take the form of fundraisers, donations to local causes, advocacy on community issues, community improvement projects, and helping to support COVID recovery. These works demonstrate that the organization is committed to helping South Lake Union succeed as a community.