Every season is a giving season.  Please donate blood.

With the holiday season fast approaching, hospitals need blood for patients more than ever. Donating blood is a quick and easy way to make an immediate difference in someone’s life. Doctors and emergency responders need our community blood donations to help those in need, whether it’s a trauma patient, cancer patient, or premature baby. By taking one hour to donate blood, you can help ensure there is a plentiful blood supply for them.

Our next pop-up blood donation event at the Amazon Van Vorst building is on Nov 10, 16 and 17.  Please sign up to reserve your spot!

Appointments are required. For help booking your appointment please e-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-398-7888.

For info about eligibility, the November monthly donor incentive and more, please visit www.bloodworksnw.org