Young blonde child holding out arms like they are flying while sailing on a boat.

This 4.5 hour “Basic” First Aid, CPR/AED class is for all lay responders.

Classes Delivered by Professional Emergency Medical Responders, approved for Master Mariner License. Entitles a two-year certification.

Messing about in boats is about the most enjoyable part of living in the Pacific Northwest.   However, when you cast off the lines and get underway, even the simplest of injuries can lead to a very miserable journey.

Knowing what to do in the event of a simple injury or the unthinkable life treating medical emergency are essential skills that every boater must possess. There is no 911 at sea, and help could be hours away even if you are only a few miles off shore. This course will help you acquire and/or refresh vital First Aid Skills.

Don’t take a chance; learn to save a life today, and have fun while doing it at The Center For Wooden Boats.