Jerilyn is a lifelong baker and learner. You may have heard of her as the co-creator of the recipe for the wildly successful Cinnabon World Famous Cinnamon Rolls.  Since then, Jerilyn’s talents have taken her down many paths including cook, baker, restaurateur, product development consultant and frequent leader of citizen diplomacy missions to Vietnam. Today, Jerilyn is a passionate advocate for the Pacific Northwest grain renaissance.

There’s a resurgence of interest in new science and traditional plant breeding to bring wheat-growing back to the fertile Skagit and Willamette Valleys. In the Skagit Valley, The Bread Lab is doing ground-breaking research and offering internationally famous annual symposiums.  Cairnspring Mills is reinventing the local flour mill by stone milling grains grown by local farmers. Yes, local milling is back!  Jerilyn, as Baking Consultant and Board Member to Cairnspring Mill, will share her knowledge of how local ‘identity preserved grains’ can be milled into flour with superior flavor, nutrition and baking properties, and she’ll show you how to use these local flours to make amazing breads and rolls.

As you watch Jerilyn demo, you’ll gain the wealth of information that she has to offer.  Then the fun begins as you roll up your sleeves and make her Grandmother’s cinnamon rolls (this butter and egg enriched dough is the same dough Jerilyn developed for her awesome cinnamon roll recipe) and Whole Grain Edison Honey Butter Loaf (this sumptuous, super-delicious loaf made from organic hard white spring wheat grown in the Bow/ Edison area is surprisingly easy to put together and has a beautiful flavor and crust).

Enjoy a meat and cheese board with house made accoutrements to nibble on as you bake.

Enjoy Tastes Of:

  • Jerylin’s Grand Mere’s Cinnamon Rolls
  • Whole Grain Edison Honey Butter Rolls

What You’ll Learn: Discussion:

  • A discussion of different types of bread, what kinds of flours to use and the protein content of flours/ How different flours affect the taste of bread dough, pasta and pie pastry
  • A discussion of types of yeast, types of starters, stages of mixing, and shaping, forming, proofing, and baking of breads

What You’ll Learn: Demonstration and Hands-on

  • Enriched Dough:  Jerilyn’s Grandmother’s Cinnamon Rolls – Shape rolls and bake in Hot Stove and take home.  ||  Organic Edison All Purpose Flour/ Organic Skagit 1109
  • Straight Dough: Whole Grain Edison Honey Butter Rolls—Make dough, form, and bake at Hot Stove.   ||  Organic Edison Whole Grain/Organic Edison All Purpose

$100 enrollment here.

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