Caffe Torino is proud to present new artwork by Seattle-based artist Adream de Valdivia.

Adream not only painted a mural at the cafe, but also at the nearby Y at Cascade Park. His new collection is entitled: “Washington State The Beauty”

Dive deep into Adream’s paintings: In a kaleidoscope of bright colors Adream captures the beauty of the world’s most scenic places that Washington State offers. Gliding his paint brush across the canvas Adream creates unique patterns of highly detailed landscape paintings.

Open to the public, join us on November 13, between 2 and 4pm for a reception.

Take the opportunity to zoom into each painting and decode and unscramble Adream’s intricate paint strokes, endless discoveries of natures beauty captured through his paint brush.

The artist will be in attendance and will give away prints of his highly-demanded Prince portrait.

Read the Huffington Post article about Adream’s life changing moments that propelled him into the spot light.