Dark painting of mixed media and flowers.

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition with Seattle-based photographer Aaron Leitz.

Drawing upon the history of still life painting, the photographs in Remember You Must present vanitas scenes scattered with contemporary icons of nostalgia and pensive, colorful floral arrangements. Foregoing the stillness associated with representational photography for a painterly dynamic, Leitz experiments with long exposures and camera movements to achieve a ghostly afterglow. Children’s toys from the 1980s function as cultural artifacts, displayed with a melancholic fondness for lost youth— memories just out of sight. Leitz visualizes the fleeting nature of life through etch-a-sketch skulls, forgotten video game consoles, and fragile bouquets all temporarily suspended in a dreamlike blur.

In addition to his conceptual photography, Aaron Leitz works as a commercial photographer for interior designers and architects throughout the country. He is currently based in Seattle.