Please doors open at 6.30pm for Dinner and Drinks.
Show starts at8.00pm!

Fiona Goodwin is.

A Very British Lesbian

A solo play about saving ones own life

Written by and Starring Fiona Goodwin

Confession: Fiona Goodwin is British. Very.
And also, she’s a lesbian.


Her religion, family and country urge her to be be straight.  Ms. Goodwin, however, has other urges that involve rescuing pretty maidens.

Forgive me father for I have sinned
I spent three decades lying to myself about the fact that I am gay.

Despite religious exorcisms, a lifetime of jungian analysis, dating countless beautiful but unavailable women and one very available but sweaty man,
Fiona Goodwin is and always will be a very British lesbian.

And you have been invited to her coming out party.

Fiona Goodwin trained as a nun in her early 20s. Following several failed exorcisms and a starring role on stage as Satan with a wandering troupe of missionaries in South America, she performed penance for countless years as an inner city school teacher in the UK. Her dramatic escape to the United States in 2005 and the strange adventures that have followed her everywhere, have been the inspiration for her one woman show: A Very British Lesbian which she currently performs to stunned audiences both in Los Angeles and London.

This solo play is directed by the internationally acclaimed Wendy Hammers. Her theater directing credits include John Ciccolini’s ‘Frank Sinatra Screwed Up My Life'(2013 LA Comedy Festival Winner) and Stephanie Blum’s ‘When I Cough I Wet Myself”

Wendy Hammers is an actress, writer, storyteller, writing teacher, stand up comic, creativity coach and producer. She has made appearances on Oprah, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Rosie O’Donnell, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos.

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