Why you might be interested:

Are you tired of so much conflict in your life, your work place or even your social media?

Would you like to close one workday learning 3 easy secrets to transforming that conflict?

Would you like to do so for FREE in a South Lake Union Chamber nominee for business of the Year with interesting people and at a fun learning event—that might even be better than a TED talk!

How you ask? What could possibly be better than attending a TED talk?

  • What about attending a beta version of an 18-minute TEDx talk for FREE that you get to influence by giving immediate feedback rather than just listening?
  • What if the speaker, helped you anchor what you just learned in a 2-hour workshop on the spot.
  • And what if you did all of this for FREE with interesting people from different parts of the Seattle area?

What you would walk away with:

  • Discover the truly secret mind software program that keeps you stuck in conflict without you knowing why.
  • An easy communication secret from the world of improvisation that can rapidly and radically change how you collaborate with others—and a chance to practice it.
  • One behavior change that can change how you handle differences—from combat to creativity.


  • Register here.
  • Hosted by Renee and James B. Notkin, 415 Westlake, a South Lake Union Chamber nominee for business of the year.
  • Speaker and workshop leader: Edree Allen-Agbro, a 2016 TEDxBCIT speaker, author and executive coach.
  • Thursday evening, February 11 from 6:30 to 8:30
  • Cost of event: FREE
  • Parking: There will be limited parking in the small lot next door for early birds. There is also street parking. Amazon garages offer $2.44 flat rate parking in evenings.
  • Bonus: Chocolate and treats will be available for purchase.


  • More information about the event itself, contact Edree at [email protected], check out her website at www.workwellwithothers.com or call her at 206-617-5455

We look forward to seeing  you there!

Edree Allen-Agbro is the author of Lead Them Out of the Trenches: From Conflict to Collaboration with Ease. Her purpose is to “tip the scales from human beings waging war against each other to working well with each other.” For more than 30 years, as graduate faculty in behavioral science, as a collaborative consultant and executive coach, Edree has guided thousands of leaders across industry and profession, to be more inclusive, collaborative and to transform conflict into innovative ways of solving world problems.