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May 26 - June 20, South Lake Union

OUR HEARTS LIVE HERE Initiative - 2020 Graduation

At KCTS 9, we believe that our COMMUNITY is our greatest strength in times of adversity.  The novel coronavirus has significantly changed the ways we interact with our family, friends and neighbors. In an effort to spread some joy during the difficult moment we’re all living in, we’re launching the OUR HEARTS LIVE HERE initiative.

Graduation season is upon us, and we want to celebrate and honor all of the grads from pre-school to law-school and everything in between, who are missing out on this year’s ceremonies.

Submit a photo of your graduate (or yourself!) below for us to feature on-air on KCTS 9 and on our social media channels. You can also use #OurHeartsLiveHere to submit photos and share your grads with your neighbors.

Congrats to the class of 2020!

Want to see photos from our decorating or Mr. Rogers sweater challenges? Click here.

Finally, please share this with your family, friends and neighbors! The more people who participate the more we show we’re all in this together.

Here’s how to participate:

1) To submit your photo(s), fill out this form and include your name, e-mail and photo of your graduate(s). Use the hashtag #OurHeartsLiveHere to share your work with the community.

2) Follow all social distancing guidelines and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your residence.

Our favorite submissions will be featured in spots aired on KCTS 9.

June 3, 3:30 pm, School of Visual Concepts

FREE! Watercolor Happy Hour - Virtual Class

You don’t have to be an experienced artist or know how to draw to take advantage of the relaxing, anxiety-reducing pleasures of watercolor painting. In this short session, we’ll get out the paints and be inspired by something close at hand, such as foods in the kitchen or the colors in your garden. You’ll paint along with Amazon UX designer-by-day, Luz Bratcher, creating watercolor postcards you’ll later exchange with your classmates. We promise you a low-stress, non-judgmental, fun time that will even make you forget you’re on Zoom again.

Register here.

This is going to be pretty low-key watercolor session, but you’ll still need some basic art supplies to get the most out of it. If you want to start from scratch, here’s a complete shopping list from Dick Blick who will ship the entire caboodle right to you. If you’d prefer to see what you already have in your own art supply closet, here’s what to look for:

Watercolor paint or water-soluble paint: If you’ve got a set, you’re set. But, if not, Luz highly recommends the Yarka Student Semi-Moist Paint Set. Yes, it’s for kids, but the colors are incredible and great for connecting with your inner child. Watercolor brush: Whatever you have on hand is great. There are plenty of affordable brushes out there, and Luz likes the Princeton Snap! brushes. The #10 is her favorite, but #6 will work just fine if you prefer something smaller. Watercolor postcards or postcard-sized watercolor paper: Any piece of still paper between 3.5″ x 5″ and 4″ x 6″ counts as a postcard as far as the USPS is concerned. If you go larger, it will just need a regular stamp instead of a 35-cent postcard stamp.


Be Safe, Mask Pup: Downtown Dog Lounge is open for business in South Lake Union. >>link in profile
Sheltering in (a Special) Place: Mary's Place Family Center in The Regrade is helping families during COVID-19. >>link in profile


dogs to pet on any given day