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September 1 - February 1, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutch Research Study Exploring the Common Cold

Do you have a lot of colds and wonder why? Do you never get colds? If you are around kids and want to help us answer these questions, please join our study.

Help us understand why some people get sick from the common cold more than others. We are currently recruiting about 200 people to participate in our study. We hope that this study may provide information to help with designing a vaccine for Rhinovirus or for other viruses. Rhinoviruses are responsible for causing 30-50% of common colds.  Some people report getting a lot of colds each year while others report never getting sick.

This study will compare the immune response to the common cold (rhinovirus) between people who feel like they rarely have cold symptoms versus those who have them more often.  We hope that by closely following the body’s specific immune responses in someone who has exposure to the common cold, we can better understand which responses may be required for a successful vaccine against the common cold.

More information can be found here.

October 25-31, Cinerama


Get fully into the Halloween season with a visit to Seattle Cinerama this month. “Horrorama!“, a finely-curated selection of the scariest, most ghoulish and delightfully-unnerving films to grace the big screen, opens on October 25.

What better way to jump into the spooky season than with a nice big bag of chocolate popcorn, a friend or significant other’s hand to crush and our massive laser projected screen. They’ll be screening some of the absolute best that the horror genre has given us over the years, going back as far as the classics of the 60s.

For now, here’s the full list of titles, in order, that you can indulge in this Halloween season. Cinerama is looking forward to having you at the theater!

Ghostbusters (1984) – 10/25, 5:15pm The Thing (1982) – 10/25, 8:45pm Psycho (1960) – 10/26, 2:30pm Night of the Living Dead (1968) – 10/26, 11:00pm The Birds – 10/27, 1:30pm A Nightmare on Elm Street – 10/27, 5:00pm The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – 10/27, 8:00pm Halloween (1978) – 10/28, 5:15pm The Exorcist (Extended Director’s Cut) – 10/28, 8:45pm The Evil Dead (1981, 4K with New Score) – 10/29, 5:15pm Midsommar (Director’s Cut) – 10/29, 8:45pm Bram Stoker’s Dracula – 10/30, 9:00pm Voter’s Choice – 10/31, TBD Voter’s Choice – 10/31, TBD

October 29, 6:00 pm, Hot Stove Society



Chef Instructor Bridget Charters will take you into the heart and soul of Tuscany, and she’ll show you how to make a dinner menu with seductive Italian flavors- like creamy soft polenta with wild mushroom ragu, a savory beef stew with rosemary, sage, and winter squash, and not one but two apple desserts to celebrate fall- apple fritters and a Tuscan apple cake.

As you watch Bridget demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each dish and you’ll learn how to make the perfect fall menu for the family or for a special dinner with friends.

A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

 Fegato Toscana with Capers on Crostini- the classic, lush chicken liver pate of Tuscany Soft Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragu- an irresistible fall dish especially when you have access to the PNW’s awesome array of wild mushrooms Beef and Potato Stew with Rosemary, Sage, and Prosser Squash Bridget will also show you how to impress your guests by serving this delicious stew right inside a winter squash! Apple Fritters- who doesn’t love fritters- especially when they’re filled with fragrant fall apples? Crostata di Mele alla Crema- A Tuscan apple pastry with an amaretti crust

If you have a question about this class please contact

$90 registration here.

October 29, 7:15 am, The Center for Wooden Boats

Breakfast for Kids Afloat

The Breakfast for Kids Afloat is one of CWB’s most important annual fundraising events and is crucial to sustain the organization through the winter season.

Your support keeps the shop humming, the kids learning, and the boats afloat. Expect inspiration, a few laughs, and a fine meal. Please bring your friends and your generosity.


Carol Hasse of Port Townsend Sails

Josh Anderson of CWB

Registration & Breakfast buffet opens at 7:15am
Program 7:45am – 9:00am

Tickets: $150/person or $1350/table of 10

October 29, 10:00 am, School of Visual Concepts

The Storyteller’s Guide to Better Videos

While most of us grew up with a bedtime story every night of our childhood, chances are you’ve never really stopped to analyze the contents and structure of great storytelling. So, in this workshop, we’ll start there, taking you through the classic principles of a well-told tale. Then we’ll enjoy a mini-film festival of corporate and web videos where the story is central. Inspired, we’ll then take some real assignments, do some creative thinking, and map out storyboards to bring these topics to life via stories. We’ll also plan on covering these topics during our day together:

A brief history of storytelling, and why humans are so receptive to stories Dramatic structure and the story arc: exposition, climax, and resolution Examples of great storytelling applied to corporate videos and commercials How cinematography, lighting, and sound techniques can enhance your story The sorry statistics on how many viewers get to the end of a web video In-class exercise of applying storytelling technique to an actual corporate video assignment

*Lunch is provided. Hot, cold, gluten free and vegetarian selections available.

Tuition $425; enroll here.

October 29, 6:30 pm, REI

Bike Chains and Derailleurs Workshop

A well-tuned bike can help make your riding smooth and efficient. Grinding gears, rubbing derailleurs, and squeaky chains are your bike’s cry for help. Ready to learn how to prevent or eliminate these annoyances from your beloved bike? Join REI’s expert bike techs for a workshop on how to care for and maintain your bike’s derailleurs and chain. We’ll tune derailleurs, adjust barrel adjusters, and diagnose common chain issues. Along the way, you’ll learn best practices for care and cleaning with plenty of get-your-hands-dirty chances to practice. Bring your own bike or practice on one of ours.

Member price: $40 Non-member price: $60

September 24 - December 7, MadArt


MadArt presents Lure, a site-specific installation by artists/architects Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream the Combine, in collaboration with Seattle-based artist/engineer Clayton Binkley. Inspired by the interplay of light, people, and the architectural environment of MadArt Studio, Lure explores how the gallery engages with public space. The structure—both object and environment, lure and trap—consists of hovering pathways formed by steel supports and sliding opacities of mesh and plaster. Visitors step from the sidewalk directly into the artwork, instantly becoming immersed in a looping circulatory system that encourages exploration, curiosity, and reciprocal engagement between the form and its audiences.

Open Studio (open during construction/installation):

September 24 – October 17

Tues-Fri 12-5pm

Opening Reception:

October 17 @ 6pm

Exhibition Period:

October 18 – December 7

Tues-Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 12-5pm

Artist Talk:

Wednesday, October 30 @ 6pm

UW Architecture Hall Room 147

Photo credit: Pablo Enriquez courtesy of MoMA PS1, and the work is titled “Hide and Seek”

September 10 - October 30, Winston Wachter


Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our fifth solo exhibition with painter Tracy Rocca. The inspiration for this body of work comes from Rocca’s extensive travels through the Rocky Mountains with her family – specifically Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Tetons and Glacier. The compositions are all based on Rocca’s photographs and memories from these family adventures. From each photographic reference point, Rocca then strips away the instantly recognizable details of the landscape in an attempt to present the viewer with a small sense of what it might feel like to be at the foot of the Tetons, or to stand in awe in a deep glacial valley. Rocca’s ethereal, abstract paintings are carefully built up over time to achieve their characteristic luminosity and unique sense of depth. Her painting process is slow and methodical, using layers of oil and pigment to delicately build and blur the paint into soft transitions of color and glowing light. Her blurred images, which are rooted in landscape, seek to soften our attention and create a space where the mind can rest. Through her dreamy compositions, Rocca draws the viewer in to a meditative focus on nature.

Tracy Rocca’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is included in the United States Embassies Collection, the Microsoft Art Collection, the Ritz Carlton and the University of New Mexico Collection.


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