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October 11-14, South Lake Union


In October 2018, Borealis a festival of light will debut in Seattle. Based at the Museum of History and Industry on Lake Union, a new world of light and color will encompass South Lake Union for four nights October 11-14, showcasing an international video mapping presentation and light art installations from Northwest and international artists. These events are free to the public and open to all ages.

A kaleidoscope of light, color and illusion will transform the South Lake Union neighborhood with a walking tour of art installations, and an international video mapping showcase embellished with performances and music. The Borealis will bring together artists and the technological world to create this inaugural, annual event in Seattle.

September 21 - October 27, Winston Wachter

Kate Neckel Stories

Winston Wächter Fine Art is proud to announce our first solo exhibition, Stories with artist Kate Neckel. Kate Neckel’s paintings record the energy and flow of her surroundings. For years, living in New York, her work reflected the kinetic, vibrating energy of the city, in vibrant and colorful topographic compositions. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, there is a noticeable shift in her work, where her brushstrokes have become bold outlines, like winding rivers mixing with totemic symbols. Her visual stories are spontaneous and pour from her, like ancient guides to her two homes.

Kate Neckel earned her BA from University of Maryland at College Park, and her MFAs from the Maryland Institute College of Art and the School of Visual Arts in New York. A selection of her collaborations include designer Zac Posen, Ace Hotel, Cole Hahn, The New York Times and the Seattle Seahawks. A resident of New York for seventeen years, she now makes her home in Seattle with her family.

View more works by Kate Neckel


September 15 - November 3, The Center for Wooden Boats


Building women leaders from the water-line up! In partership with Frog Prints e, this STEM Sailing Class is aimed towards teaching middle school-aged young women about sailing, robot building, scientific investigations, and fun!  Session is $590.

We offer a variety of school year sailing & woodworking programs for individuals, youth organizations, school groups and scouting troops. Classes take place on weekends or after school. Custom school-day programs can be easily arranged as well. Check the website to register and see the most up-to-date class schedule, or email to arrange a custom class. Additional classes are continuously added, so check the website often!

Youth Sailing and Woodworking programs are designed to engender skills in leadership, observation and decision-making while exploring maritime heritage and skills in a dynamic hands-on environment. Team-building games, rigging, knot tying, tool use and demonstrations are preparation for sailing adventures and boat construction. Our talented and dedicated team of instructors are US Sailing-, First Aid-, and CPR-certified. They are trained and experienced in working with youth to ensure safety and best practices on-the-water and in the shop.

CWB is able to offer scholarships for nearly all youth programs due to the generosity of CWB supporters! If you require a discounted program, we welcome you to apply online. If you are in a position to pay more than the suggested price, additional funds will contribute directly to making youth programs more widely accessible.

September 5 - October 17, Winston Wachter

Michael Schultheis Venn Pirouettes

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is proud to announce Venn Pirouettes, our seventh solo exhibition with painter Michael Schultheis. Please join us for our opening reception on Wednesday, September 5, 6 – 8 pm. The artist will be in attendance.

Venn PirouettesMichael Schultheis’ latest body of work, pushes his mathematical expressionism to three-dimensional form and immersive experiences. Schultheis presents his bronze sculptures of mathematical symbols in tandem with his paintings, creating an entry point to the visions in his mind. His goal is to transport the viewer into his world where equations and symbols are a timeless and universal language, expressing the stories of the human experience.

His work can be found in the collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; United States Embassy, Athens, Greece & Bern, Switzerland; and the Mathematical Association of America, Washington D.C., among many others. Exhibitions of his works have been held at the Howard Hughes Institute in Chevy Chase, MD and at the National Academies of Sciences in Washington, D.C.

Michael Schultheis will be opening a solo exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Washington State University on January 15th of 2019.

click here for more work

Contact us for an appointment to preview works in the gallery or with questions at GALLERY@WINSTONWACHTER.COM

July 1 - November 15, South Lake Union

Storefronts Program - South Lake Union Artists

“Storefronts South Lake Union presents three rounds of installations in 2018- each round is themed around the concept of building relationships with cities, people, and nature. In this second round we explore the works of artists incorporating the human figure into their works. Reflecting the faces, bodies, and silhouettes of those around them, these artists build up themselves and the community around them. Join us in engaging with themes of power, identity, history, community, and all the intricate human connections which frame who we are today and how we relate to each other.” – Hanako O’Leary, Storefronts Program Coordinator

ARTIST: Robert Sparrow Jones
We are One
LOCATION: John St Window

ARTIST: Infinite Milam
WORK ON DISPLAY: The Queens Project Book
LOCATION: Thomas St. East Window

ARTIST: Berette Mccaulay
WORK ON DISPLAY: Memory of Nothing, but the Soil from which we Sprung
LOCATION: Thomas St. West Window

ARTIST: Robert L. Horton
WORK ON DISPLAY: Stories…about Us!
LOCATION: Harrison St. West Window

ARTIST: Jean Bradbury
WORK ON DISPLAY: On my Head, in my Heart
LOCATION: Harrison St. East Window

ARTIST: Suze Wolf
WORK ON DISPLAY: State of the Forrest
LOCATION: Republican St. Window

ARTIST: Synvia Whitney
WORK ON DISPLAY: I want to be here with you, I want to change.
LOCATION: Mercer St. West Window

ARTIST: Jite Agbro
WORK ON DISPLAY: Armor Stories
LOCATION: Mercer St. East Window

For Further Information Contact:
Hanako O’Leary
Storefronts Program Coordinator, Shunpike
206 905 1026 ext. 104

September 1 - February 10, Museum of History and Industry

WW1 America

Empires were destroyed, millions perished, and the world was upended by a war meant to end all others. Making its West Coast debut at MOHAI on September 1, 2018 through February 10, 2019 WW1 America tells the story of one of history’s most remarkable moments.

The WWI era—1914 to 1919—saw America transformed. It was a time of wrenching extremes that pulled Americans between the poles of fear and hope, between deepening cynicism and broadening optimism. Through original artifacts, images, voices, interactives and multimedia presentations, WW1 America tells the extraordinary stories of Americans—both legendary and unsung—during this turbulent time.

“The City of Seattle welcomes this opportunity to explore the causes and consequences of World War I,” said Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess, “and also to salute the generations of veterans in our region who have served the nation at home and abroad.”

This powerful exhibit will coincide with the centennial of Armistice Day on November 11, 2018 the day the war ended and an especially important day of international observance in 2018 (known in the United States as Veterans Day).

Developed by the Minnesota History Center in partnership with the National Constitution Center, the National World War I Museum and Memorial, the Oakland Museum of California and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, WW1 America illustrates how the past can help us understand our nation and our world today.

October 5 - December 1, MadArt

We Are All Made of Light

We Are All Made Of Light, by Seattle-based artist Maja Petric, is an immersive art installation that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create interactive light and sound sculptures. These environments are formed as the AI-driven technology recognizes and captures the shape of visitors with encompassing light. Over the course of the exhibition, visitors’ physicality is recorded and represented through a collection of light forms, documenting the growing history of visitorship and space. Petric’s collaborators include AI Microsoft Researcher Mihai Jalobeanu and 3D Sound Artist Daniel Peterson.

Artist & collaborator bios:

Maja Petric uses cutting-edge technology to create transformative experiences. She received a Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media from University of Washington and a master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University on the topic of transforming the poetic experience of space through the experimental use of technology. She has exhibited internationally and been recipient of many awards and fellowships.

Mihai Jalobeanu received a Ph.D. in Robotics from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is a Principal Software Developer at Microsoft Research. His research spans machine learning, robotics, automation, distributed systems, computer vision, programming languages, and anything else that can be used to make robots smarter.

Daniel Peterson is a 3D Sound Artist living and working in Seattle, WA. He completed a Master of Music in Composition at the University of Washington and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington. His work has been shown internationally. His research interests include spectral analysis, ambisonics, and the exploration of relationships between literature, philosophy, and music.


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