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If you need something done, South Lake Union is at your service.

As great as a neighborhood might be, you don’t want to live there or work there if you can’t get your teeth cleaned, find a place to work out, or get a spa treatment when the stress level gets out of hand. Fortunately, your needs will be well met in South Lake Union.

Along with two very exquisite spas, the neighborhood is home to the only Russian steam baths this side of Moscow. Two full-service fitness centers are also in South Lake Union. And you can walk or ride the streetcar to a number of medical and dental offices.

If you’d like to see the complete list of South Lake Union service businesses (since we mentioned just a handful above), take a look at our interactive map, and you can read capsule descriptions of more than 100 businesses and points of interest.

Vida Spa

A treatment room at Vida Spa, Pan Pacific Hotel at 2200.

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