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We don’t believe in separation of school, church, and neighborhood.

If you’re going to have a truly vital neighborhood, then there absolutely has to be a place (or several places, actually) for educational growth and spiritual fulfillment. South Lake Union scores highly on both lists.

On the education side for adult learners, our neighborhood is home to Cornish College of the Arts, Northeastern University, the School of Visual Concepts, and the Cortiva Institute. Kids also have their own schools in South Lake Union or right nearby, including the Morningside Academy and Spruce Street School.

Churches have been part of the neighborhood since Immanuel Lutheran came to the corner of Thomas and Minor in 1907. While the St. Spiridon Greek Orthodox Church started years earlier in 1895, it didn’t move to South Lake Union until 1941, when the very photogenic blue onion domed cathedral went up on Yale Avenue.

If you’d like to see the complete list of South Lake Union places to learn and worship, take a look at our interactive map, and you can read all about them.

Cornish College of the Arts

Photo courtesy of Cornish College of the Arts

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