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Why this part of Seattle feels very much like Europe.

If you’ve traveled much around Europe you know how wonderfully handy it is to hop on a streetcar to move around the city. You’ll have the very same feeling in South Lake Union. This is the home of Seattle’s first modern streetcar, now serving the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to the north, Westlake Center in the heart of downtown to the south, and all of South Lake Union in between.

The beauty of this clean, energy-efficient system is that it stops within a block or two of most South Lake Union addresses. And a trip that starts on the streetcar can end at Sea-Tac Airport, with the completion of Link Light Rail line from Westlake Center in December 2009.

There are also plenty of Metro bus routes that run right through the neighborhood — just shy of 50 routes, actually — to take you almost anywhere in King County.

Seattle Streetcar

South Lake Union line of the Seattle Streetcar

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