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A group practices the graceful movements of Shaolin Kung Fu at Denny Playfield in early fall.

Posted September 15, 2010 in Features

Whose lawn is it, anyway?

Show us a patch of soft, green grass in the city, and we’ll show you a hundred different ways people might use it. Is it a Frisbee field? A dog play area? A space for Kung Fu, picnics, concerts, events?

Denny Playfield has been used for all of these things over the years, but this popular green space is actually the site of a yet-to-be-constructed real estate development. Until that happens, though, property owner Vulcan hopes you’ll continue to enjoy the host of activities taking place there.

The poop on dogs. Dogs are sweet, goofy bundles of joy that bring happiness and hilarity to our lives. And no one denies that they need a place of their own in the neighborhood. But to keep the Denny Playfield attractive and healthy for everyone, its availability as a dog play area is coming to a close.

Sit. Speak. No need to howl - a citizens’ committee for the creation of a new SLU dog play area is forming right now. Want in? Just come to Enso’s community room (820 Blanchard St.) on Thursday, September 23 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Your passion for your pooch can help us find a permanent romping spot for neighborhood dogs! In the meantime, find other local dog parks at:

Posted by DiscoverSLU on Sep. 14
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