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Bartell Drugs makes its highly anticipated return to SLU.

Posted February 20, 2013 in Features

Welcome Home, Bartell Drugs

Sometimes you just need a good hairbrush. Or umbrella. Or fast photo reprints. Or a prescription filled, pronto. Or a replacement for the nylons you snagged on the way out the door. You’re too busy to waste a bunch of time finding them. You just need them, and you need them now.

If you live or work in South Lake Union, you’ve mostly had to venture outside the neighborhood to find a drugstore that carries everything from hair dye to cough syrup to Red Vines. Till now, that is.

Hometown-kid-makes-good Bartell Drugs recently announced plans to open its 59th store on the corner of Terry Ave and Mercer St, on the ground floor of Amazon headquarters and adjacent to the recently widened Mercer corridor.

“This is an exciting urban location and our goal is to provide our mix of services and product offerings tailored to workers and residents in the neighborhood,” said Chairman and CEO George D. Bartell.

The grand opening is scheduled for mid-August of this year. (You may now commence high-fiving.)

Just What the Doctor Ordered
The 10,000 square-foot location will include a full-service pharmacy, a handy complement to the many medical providers in SLU. Other highlights: an urban market, Kodak photo kiosks, beauty and wellness sections, and a wide selection of sweets, snacks and pet supplies.

The store will also include expanded organic and locally sourced products such as probiotics and supplements, natural cosmetics and hair coloring, cold remedies, and other healthy-living must-haves.

Home Turf
The new store actually marks a “return” of Bartell Drugs to the neighborhood. In 1914, founder George Bartell, Sr. established Bartell Drugs’ headquarters on Boren Avenue. It eventually included a candy factory and photo processing lab and served as the company’s headquarters until 1985.

Founded in Seattle in 1890, Bartell Drugs runs stores in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. It’s the nation's oldest drugstore chain, but still family-owned and operated.

“We’re happy that Bartell Drugs has chosen South Lake Union for its new store location,” said Vice President of Vulcan Real Estate, Ada M. Healey. “It will be a dynamic addition to the existing retail mix in the neighborhood − and given Bartell’s long history here, we’re very pleased to say ‘Welcome home.’”

Posted by DiscoverSLU on Feb. 20
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