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There’s no excuse for going hungry or thirsty here.

It’s hard to think of another neighborhood that can wine you in the bar of a four-star hotel (that would be the Pan Pacific), dine you next door in a certified Neapolitan pizzeria (that would be Tutta Bella), or send you down the street for an obscenely great burger with some Walla Walla Sweets onion rings (and that would be at Blue Moon Burgers).

Indeed, you will find all of the above in South Lake Union, along with a half dozen waterside restaurants (like Daniel’s, Chandler’s, and Duke’s), a first-rate restaurant focused on organic and local ingredients (that would be the Portage Bay Café), and a fabulous 24/7 throwback serving Rat Packers and lounge lizards since 1967 (of course, we’re talking about 13 Coins).

If you’d like to see the complete list of South Lake Union restaurants and bars (and we mentioned just a handful above), plan your outing with our interactive map, where you can read capsule descriptions of more than 45 restaurants in the immediate area.

La Toscanella Bakery & Paninoteca

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