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By Foot or Bike

Our favorite form of transportation is powered by granola bars.

Whatever you rely on for an energy snack, you’ll put it to very good use around South Lake Union. For starters, you’ll find that one of Seattle’s major north-south bike lanes runs right through the neighborhood to get you to and from Fremont, Ballard, and the University District. Or keep going, and you and your bike will be in the middle of downtown Seattle in about 60 seconds. We should also mention that many of the busses that serve the area, along with the Seattle Streetcar, happily welcome bikes on board or on front-mounted racks.

For people who prefer to get around by shoe leather, South Lake Union also has a lot to offer. The best plan is to live a short stroll away from your work, so you’ll find both places to live and places to have a stellar career right in the neighborhood. If you do your walking mostly as recreation, then the newly inaugurated Chesiahud Loop will be to your liking. When complete, this 6-mile loop around Lake Union will be a safe, continuously landscaped walking and cycling route from South Lake Union to hundreds of points north.

One more thing about walking in South Lake Union: As participants in the City of Seattle’s Green Streets program, you’ll soon see such pedestrian-friendly amenities as extra wide sidewalks with plantings and enhanced night lighting.

Cyclist at Lake Union Park

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