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As far as cars go, South Lake Union is very auto-hospitable.

If you’re driving to or from South Lake Union, most people exit and enter I-5 at Mercer Street — a ramp that’s heading for some serious streamlining in the not-too-distant future. Other car access points are Aurora Avenue, Westlake Avenue from downtown, or Eastlake and Westlake Avenues from the north.

In fact, there’s easy access to and from the neighborhood via I-5, I-90, Highway 99 and SR 520, while a drive to Sea-Tac airport can take as few as 20 minutes (without breaking the law!)

Once you’re in South Lake Union, you’ll find ample parking at the major office buildings and retail centers, and at 10-hour meters on many streets.

For those who prefer to do their driving with a bit of originality, there are electric car charging stations for residents and employees, ZipCars at seven locations in the neighborhood, and the city’s only motor scooter rentals at Westlake and Mercer.

Speaking of Mercer, the early stages of construction to restore this essential arterial to a smooth-flowing two-way street are now underway. With a completion date of summer 2011, South Lake Union will have even better access to the Seattle Center and lower Queen Anne.

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