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By Air

Don’t worry. There’s no airport in the middle of our neighborhood.

And now allow us to reveal the single greatest envy-producing feature of life in South Lake Union. You get off work early on a Friday afternoon, you stop by your condo to pick up your overnight bag, and then you walk a couple of blocks over to Kenmore Air’s seaplane terminal on the south side of Lake Union. And there you board a 10-passenger turbine Otter for your weekend in the San Juans or Victoria. Yes, of course, your co-workers will glare at you on Monday, but that’s the idea.

If you need to fly to more distant destinations, that will be easily done from South Lake Union after December 2009. Then you’ll be able to board the Seattle Streetcar, transfer to the Link Light Rail system at Westlake Center, and find yourself at Sea-Tac Airport a few minutes later without a single bead of sweat induced by freeway traffic, full parking lots, or worrying about missing your flight.

Kenmore Air

A Kenmore Air seaplane

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