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Welcome to a neighborhood for people who care about the future.

It’s not all that unusual to find LEED-certified buildings and multi-family homes these days. What makes South Lake Union a bit different is that this neighborhood didn’t jump on the bandwagon after green became fashionable.

Alcyone was the first LEED apartment building in the city. Seattle Biomedical Research Institute on Westlake was one of the first silver-level LEED lab buildings in the nation, and the first spec LEED building in Seattle. In fact, there are now more LEED buildings open or on the way in South Lake Union than in any other part of the city.

Aside from the buildings, you’ll find more evidence of a planet-considerate lifestyle in South Lake Union. A City of Seattle Green Streets project is underway for Yale Avenue — where pedestrians and cars can safely intermingle. Car-sharing, electric vehicle recharging stations, and Seattle’s first modern electric streetcar also add to a more responsible way of living.

Taking things one giant step further, the entire South Lake Union neighborhood is certified LEED for Neighborhood Development by the US Green Building Council. This was another sustainability first for the city of Seattle. In short, “green” isn’t a marketing catchword in South Lake Union. It’s a full-time, long-time serious commitment.

Westlake/Terry Building

LEED Gold certified Westlake/Terry Building is home to Group Health Cooperative and Microsoft

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